Santa Fe Public Power

There are so many reasons to support a municipal utility it's hard to pick just one:


Energy choice
We have the power to choose the energy sources that best meets our community's needs for reliability, affordability, and a healthy environment for our children now and in the future.

Local control
Local residents have input into energy decisions that impact our lives.

Greater affordability in rates
By removing the profit motive from basic services like electricity, we can keep rates affordable and protect struggling residents from energy shutoffs.

Greater stability in rates
We know the price of solar and wind on day one. By eliminating our dependence on coal and nuclear rates, payers are protected against rising costs associated with volatile prices for dirty fuels, environmental regulation, financial exposure for waste, contamination, and decommissioning costs.

Local economic development
Family-supporting jobs in solar construction, contracting, customer service, and maintenance that strengthen our local economy.

Reinvestment of energy dollars into the community
Money from electricity bills reinvested in Santa Fe to create a more energy-wise community through energy conservation and education programs, energy efficiency rebates and incentives, and support for local nonprofits that provide critical services to the community.

Renewable energy
Sourcing our energy from solar and wind with reliable storage protects our health and environment.

Greater efficiency & responsiveness in delivery and maintenance
A locally managed grid means greater reliability, greater responsiveness when issues do arise, and the ability to implement smart grid and smart meter technologies that improve system efficiency & responsiveness.

Water Conservation
Energy from coal, nuclear and gas use billions of gallons of water annually. Solar and Wind use no water.

Leadership is Rewarded
By taking a leadership position in the clean energy economy Santa Fe positions itself to take advantage of private investment opportunities and grant funding.

Tourism Benefits
Through cutting edge innovation in energy provision, Santa Fe can be on the map, not only for world class arts and our magnificent environment, but for the deployment of an attractive symbiosis of environmentally, culturally, and aesthetically aware designs and renewable energy installations.

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